Little Jamie has a problem. Well, he’s got a lot of problems. For starters, he’s got an unhealthy obsession with his babysitter. He’s got no friends. He’s ignored by his parents, who basically aren’t in the picture. And then there’s all this business about the pit.

The Pit is an underseen 1981 horror, in which a 12-year old kid finds a hole in the middle of a forest. In it dwell furry creatures that, in his mind, need to be fed or else will emerge to feed on people. Jamie feeds them, first by procuring meat from the local butcher, then by resorting to other, very devious means.

The Pit is a very odd Canadian production lensed in Wisconsin, and features a pretty terrific performance by Sammy Snyders as the youngster. It’s achieved cult status for it’s very uniquely bizarre premise.

Take a listen and try and track down this film. You’ll be glad you did.