Angela is having a party…

Night of the Demons is a 1988 American supernatural horror film. Now, ordinarily we’ve made no bones of the fact we’re not necessarily the biggest fans of the supernatural genre, at least how it’s manifested itself now.

However, in Night of the Demons, written and produced by Joe Augustyn and directed by Kevin S. Tenney, there’s a certain charming effortless that’s pretty captivating.

The film stars William Gallo, Hal Havins, Amelia Kinkade, Cathy Podewell, and the ever–wonderful Linnea Quigley as high school seniors partying inside an isolated mortuary called Hull House.

Jeez, when will these kids ever learn? NEVER investigated a nearly abandoned mortuary under ANY circumstances.

When the kids decide to play a séance, things go haywire…one of them unknowingly unlocks a demon that was locked in the crematorium. The evil, demonic spirit begins to possess some of the partying teenagers and the remaining victims try to survive the night.

Filming took place in South Central Los Angeles for two months, and Night of the Demons was released on October 14, 1988. During its theatrical run, the film grossed $3 million against its $1 million budget.

It’s since achieved cult status. And like most movies of its type, it spawned sequels.