When a Stranger Calls…the movie is infamous, most notably for being one-of-a-kind and for being aped by Wes Craven in the original Scream’s opener.

Based on an urban legend, the one about a guy calling and harassing a babysitter (from inside the home, as determined by police tracing the call), is a classic. It’s as well-known as the guy with a hook for a hand, but arguably even scarier. So, while the story is a classic…is the movie?

It really is “every babysitter’s nightmare becoming real”…provided you don’t concern yourself with Laurie Strode in Halloween, with which this is consistently (and sometimes unfairly) compared.

Is this worth checking out? It’s got a cracker jack opener, a saggy middle, and some strength toward the end.

If you’re a fan of Super Fly, you’ll enjoy a lazy performance by Ron O’Neal…and if you’re a fan of acting, generally, you’ll love Charles Durning, the always capable, stout 70s standout.

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