The House on Sorority Row! A den mother walks in on a sorority girl, doin’ the horizontal boogie with her beau…this causes a big to-do at Phi Kappa Beta Gamma Alpha Delta Epsilon, whatever.

The vengeful co-ed, in cahoots with her gal-pals, decides to freak the old lady out with, what else? A prank. And you know how these things turn out…especially when there’s a loaded weapon involved.

Was this a thing? Are sorority houses overseen by septuagenarian taskmasters? Are young women and future leaders of tomorrow capable of such heinous acts?

We’re in the 80s, during the height of the slasher boom and we’ve got “a few of our favorite things” (with apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein). You know what that means: babes! a killer on the loose! partying! A secluded locale!

The House on Sorority Row is one of a litany of horror movies with “house” in the title, a fact we delightfully point out in our opener.

This is a movie that’s a boatload of fun. And to his credit, director Mark Rosman tries his darndest to lead the viewer astray. In that way, it’s not the usual predictable low-end crapola a la Sorority House Massacre and its ilk. There’s a lot of spirit.

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