Jeffrey Combs portrays Colin Childress, a cartoonist we’re introduced to in the film’s prologue. He meets an untimely end drawing a beastly creature, and we flash forward 30 years to a present-day (1988) artist retreat/colony.

This week on the Really Awful Movies Podcast: a monster movie! This one is a charming shoestring budget creature feature, Cellar Dweller.

Whitney is an arts graduate and cartoonist, and attends the school, trying to keep Childress’ spirit alive and well through her drawings.

There are also fellow students, each pursuing a different facet of the arts: sculpture, method acting, new media, abstract painting, etc.

The school’s headmistress puts out a stern warning to the pupils: do not go in the basement! And of course, the different principals don’t heed any of this. I mean, this is the horror genre, why would we expect anything different?

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