On this week’s podcast, a young boy mourns the death of his father in…Making Contact, aka, Joey.

Then, under the covers and with a flashlight, he’s caught (no, not that!) communicating with the spirit world. His mother walks in, and notices that young Joey is babbling on as if pops was still on this terrestrial sphere, instead of being worm food.

Soon, the local school bullies start tormenting Joey, and he retreats to his bedroom, where a ventriloquist dummy starts communicating with the kid. And the dummy is possessed by some malevolent force (or something). This one is super confusing. For reasons unexplained, Joey suddenly develops telekinetic powers and moves glasses of milk across his dinner table.

Why? Don’t ask us, we’re just humble weird film aficionados. Maybe direct all inquiries Roland Emmerich’s way. He’s the director, whose take on American suburban culture is decidedly…off-base?

Making Contact (Joey) is another oddball film, of the kind we love to discuss. We encourage fans of the Really Awful Movies Podcast to watch the film in advance, and join us for (what we hope is) a lively discussion about this bizarre effort.

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