Look out, Sorority House Massacre, stand aside, Splatter University, watch out Graduation Day…you get the gist. Here comes Sorority Row, a middling remake of the underrated House on Sorority Row from the slasher Golden Era.

Like the orginal, Sorority Row is propelled by an accidental death, one of those sorority / frat pranks that went a little too far. And someone has to pay! That means, the viewer has to sit through this slog. Actually, that’s a bit unfair. It’s not THAT bad. Bad, but not ungodly bad.

On this episode of the Really Awful Movies Podcast, we are in remake territory again, not to mention accidental death territory too…back to back weeks with similar themes.

Welcome back all those new and returning university students returning to (possibly) school during a pandemic. It’s all Greek to us.

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