On this week’s episode of the podcast, CRAP OF THE WEEK! This is a recurring segment, a review of things one-half of the Really Awful Movies team has seen recently.

On today’s show, Ghostkeeper, Rituals, Imposters and Bride of Re-Animator.

Ghostkeeper is an 80s Canadian / Canuxploitation tax shelter movie based on the Wendigo legend. It’s about a group of snowmobilers who find themselves stranded in a sprawling, mountain lodge not unlike the Overlook Hotel in The Shining. Directed by James Makichuk, the creative force behind the awesome Hamilton and Toronto-lensed green energy (!) horror The Tower,  Ghostkeeper has…a surfeit of the white stuff. This is one, snowy-ass movie.

Canadian horror completists need to check it out.

Also, Rituals. An oft-discussed film on the Really Awful Movies Podcast, this Hal Holbrook starrer is about bickering docs on a campaign trip in Northern Ontario. Go see it, it’s awesome. It’s tense and well written and a total Bechdel Test failure.

On this episode, we deviate slightly and tackle a TV series on Netflix called Imposters. It’s about a trio of people who find one another after being swindled by the same woman, a femme fatale-type named Maddy (who has various aliases, natch). They eventually become embroiled in the scam-artist lifestyle themselves.

Lastly, a revisiting of Bride of Re-Animator, an Amazon Prime watch which sees Dr. Herbert West back to his body-robbing shenanigans.

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