Be careful what you wish for.

We return to 90s horror on the podcast, with a discussion of the somewhat under-the-radar (despite numerous sequels) fantasy horror, WISHMASTER.

We’ve got an ancient statue, inside of which is a cursed gemstone.

And inside of THAT, is a Djinn, one of those pre-Islamic, demon-type creatures that is pretty nasty, and isn’t one of those wish-granting ineffectual genie types we always see in the West.

And it’s unleashed to wreak havoc! What a plot right there, eh?

Directed by special effects whiz Robert Kurtzman, Wishmaster features a who’s who of horror legends…you’ve got Angus Scrimm, Tony Todd, Robert Englund (and more!).

Wishmaster is, as befitting a directory who cut his teeth doing practical effects for loads of flicks, pretty gory. Yes, the fantastical elements are goofy, but it’s well-written, has great characters, and frankly, has no business being as fun as it is.