On today’s edition of the Really Awful Movies podcast, the Shudder-produced low budget, Superhost.

Superhost refers to a duo, Claire and Teddy, who are travel vloggers who occupy an Air BnB style sprawling home, a quid pro quo arrangement in exchange for a very positive review of the rental property.

Soon, they find out their host is not so super…

In today’s episode:

  • the travel vlogging phenomenon and the explosion of YouTube travel content
  • a rundown of some of the more popular travel vlogger channels, including Kara and Nate, NFKRZ, Bald and Bankrupt, Wolters World and Downie Live.
  • the use of first person POV/found footage and its effectiveness as a conceit in horror films
  • female antagonists in horror and how/where Rebecca from this film (pictured, right) compares with some of the all-time greats
  • protracted lockdowns and the need to cocoon
  • surveillance and accommodation horrors like, Psycho, 13 Cameras and The Rental