On this episode of the podcast, a little bit of Italian horror – but not THAT kind of Italian Horror. Usually on the Really Awful Movies Podcast, we dive into the work of Bava, Fulci and Argento. This time around, it’s 2021’s A Classic Horror Story, a modern Italian horror flick that’s a hicksploitation/folk horror hybrid that’s moderately effective.

The plot? A rideshare trip through the mountains of Calabria, in Southern Italy, takes a dangerous turn – literally. What will happen to the vehicle’s occupants? You know the drill…and that’s not a veiled reference to Driller Killer.

A Classic Horror Story borrows elements from The Ritual, Rituals, The Hills Have Eyes, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, but is its own beast. There’s a split between detractors and supports, and this discussion reflects that.

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