On this episode of the podcast, a return to Italian horror courtesy of the somewhat underrated, Demons 2, a sequel which matches in most respects, the iconic original.

On the show:

  • a little sojourn into urban planning, Jane Jacobs and city building
  • cityscapes and the ubiquity of office buildings and condo type buildings.
  • JG Ballard and his novels like Crash and High Rise
  • David Cronenberg, and explorations of big city condo life in movies
  • 80s fashion and also aspirational living and condo marketing
  • Lamberto Bava’s original Demons and similarities to the sequel, and influence of Dario Argento
  • Edward Hopper and his depictions of city life
  • abandoned buildings like Toronto’s Hearn Generating Station
  • Bobby Rhodes and bringing back a star from the first film