Really Awful Movies: Ep 387 – Hayride

We have covered regional horrors here, Offerings, Unhinged, The Legend of Boggy Creek, etc. And now, Hayride, lensed in Alabama on a shoestring budget. This one featured an escaped lunatic on the loose, unsuspecting townies, and of course, a hayride. This is a Halloween-set flick, spirited, amateurish, somewhat fun… Tune in, folks. And subscribe!

Really Awful Movies: Ep 379 – Gutshot Straight

Today’s podcast is Gutshot Straight. We are on the Strip in Las Vegas. And Jack is a degenerate gambler, whose losses are mounting to the point where he can’t pay his bar tab. Uh oh. We’ve all been there. He’s hooked up with a mover and shaker, Duffy, who offers him wagers of increasing magnitude. […]

Really Awful Movies: Ep 375 – Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This latest horror franchise reboot is the talk of social media, as everyone’s tuning into Netflix to perhaps hate-watch it or even, bizarrely, enjoy it. Texas Chainsaw Massacre is an updated version of the 1974 classic, ignoring events of the countless interceding sequels, and tells the story of influencer/investors coming to buy up a sad, […]