The Google search engine confounding Geteven (they made a mistake on the DVD cover) is also known as Road to Revenge and Champagne and Bullets. It’s also known colloquially by native English speakers who know how to use a space bar on their keyboards, as Get Even.

One of the all-time great good-bad movies this one is a vanity piece that stars a California trial lawyer-cum action superhero and martial artist John de Hart, who looks like a grinder from the 1984 Philadelphia Flyers.

He plays a cop, Rick, who along with a buddy, are dismissed from the force by a corrupt higher-up. His buddy “Huck,” founded a religion based on Huckleberry Finn and does an unintelligible soliloquy about it, while standing waist-deep in a swimming pool (which doesn’t even crack the Top 5 weirdest moments).

There’s also a subplot about a devil-worshiping cult as our heroes seek revenge and go after their boss, who suddenly goes from chief to judge!