Stepping outside our comfort zone, we look at a movie with a really really high budget by our standards (we’re accustomed to things made for under 1 million on our site,

A telecom billionaire (we know he’s evil as he’s a successful business man) woos an English lit grad (we know she’s virtuous as screenwriters always write what they know and they consider themselves virtuous).

They’re both better-looking than oh, the majority of the human population but she’s meant to be dowdy (by Hollywood standards; we’re surprised she’s not wearing glasses to tip people off).

He’s harboring a bedroom secret though. Can this unlikely pair survive and will the latter accept the former’s sexual peccadillos?

This movie is based on a hugely successful series of novels, none of which we’ve read (nor will ever read) but we thought we’d wade into the shallow end of the pool where this movie is doggy paddling and see what all the fuss is about.