In this week’s podcast, the theme is good actors slumming it.

We look at Gor, which stars an “all-American professor” played by a poorly dubbed Italian actor, Urbano Barberini (best known for Demons). He’s transported via a magical ring to planet Gor, where he must help overthrow an evil king and his barbarian warriors, all clad in thongs. This is definite bad movie sword and sandal territory. Co-star Rebecca Ferratti a stunner and Oliver Reed (poor guy) is slumming it big-time, along with Jack Palance.

Gary Busey (The Buddy Holly Story) and Yaphet Kotto (Aliens) star in Eye of the Tiger. Crazy Busey used to be a capable thespian before he became a joke on The Apprentice. Here he plays a construction worker who just gets out of jail and with the help of a Cubano drug lord he met in the joint, he helps battle nasty well-armed bikers in a dusty Texas town.

Lastly, we look at flat-top Afro hairstyles and Exterminator 2 (Mario Van Peebles). The flick features a Warriors-type gang who fights some Vietnam vigilante vets in the Bronx. Combat Shock and The Warriors discussed.

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