In this episode, movies that spurred our love of low budget cinema.

Previously we looked at William Shatner’s The Intruder, the Blaxploitation classic Dolemite and the Paul Bartel / Mary Woronov comedy Eating Raoul.

In Episode 14 we discuss everyone’s favorite breast fetishist Russ Meyer and the movie Up!, a bizarre murder mystery comedy that has a Greek chorus, a la Woody Allen’s Mighty Aphrodite. “Soft-core shenanigans” and Raven De La Croix cross our radar as well.

Also, the Roger Corman production Rock ‘n’ Roll Highschool. It features PJ Soles, who was in Halloween and the quite awful Alienator (We love Corman, especially his animals run amok flicks like The Nest and Piranha).

Finally, we turn to one of our absolute favorites, the Brian De Palma helmed The Phantom of the Paradise, starring the very much alive Paul Williams (oops) which in our mind is far far superior to Rocky Horror.