ram_logoThis is a podcast about our podcast. That’s pretty meta! What’s the Really Awful Movies Podcast all about?

Hosts Chris and Jeff discuss how our site came about and its tagline: “A celebration of low budget cinema.” It’s really a celebration of genre film of all stripes, particularly horror movies, but also musicals, terrible comedies (like Master of Disguise), oddball monster movies, gang/urban blight films, kung fu, post-apocalyptic wasteland movies, hot rod films, ghost movies, you name it.

Also, focal points of discussion: clearing the copyright for the intro segment for the show (we actually did, to the surprise of the film’s distributor, shocked at our honesty) and choices of libations for recording.

Basically, we like to honor films that don’t get the attention we think they deserve. That’s really the mandate of the Really Awful Movies Podcast.