Mike Mayo joins us on the program. He is one-half of Max and Mike On the Movies and the author of American Murder: Criminals, Crime and the Media, VideoHound’s Video Premieres and Really Awful Movies’ favorite reference, The Horror Show Guide: The Ultimate Frightfest of Movies.

Whether it’s Jaws, Sharknado or Piranha, everyone loves a good animals run amok movie.

We talk about how we got into horror, why people are drawn to the genre and naturally (no pun intended) eco horror.

The RAM guys and Mike explore The Swarm, Piranha, The Nest, Jaws, Alligator, Rogue, Sharknado, Lake Placid and the truly awful killer bunny movie, Night of the Lepus.

We discuss why creature features are made and their appeal. And we also look at what scares us personally, the work of David Cronenberg, horror generally and where the genre is heading.