A sleazy Brooklyn liquor store owner discovers a dusty case of “Viper” in his cellar, some nasty hooch. He decides to unload it to local hobos dirt-cheap, unaware of its scary side effects: Viper makes imbibers ooze, melt and then explode goo.

Street Trash (1987) is one of the sleazier films ever made, complete with some of the most unpleasant nudity you’ll ever see, a group of homeless people who live in a rusted out car in a scrapyard, corrupt cops, Mafiosi and our heroes: two hobos who discover the drink’s toxicity, while doing battle with the psychopathic leader of a scrapyard gang, Bronson (a Vietnam veteran).

There’s a great closing song, an expletive-filled We Do Things My Way, based on the famous Sinatra song My Way.