Loosely based on the life of Virginia-born serial killer Henry Lee Lucas, who went on an unheard of “confession spree.” (he’d confessed to hundreds of killings, with a handful actually attributable to him) Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer is one of the more infamous horror films ever made.

The film follows Henry and his sleazy roommate Otis, who take in the latter’s sister Becky who’s coming to live and work in Chicago from out of state.

Henry’s got serious mommy issues and gradually introduces Henry to his psychopathic exploits.

Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer has a documentary feel and a super low budget, which adds to the harrowing atmosphere. Made on the cheap for under $150,000, Michael Rooker, Tom Towles and Tracy Arnold give outstanding performances.

This movie was so good, even Roger Ebert, notoriously tough on horror films, said it was a “low budget tour de force.”

We couldn’t wait to discuss the film on the Really Awful Movies Podcast. It’s one of our mutual favorites. Listen to us wax poetic about this chilling gem, and that time Jeff met Michael Rooker.