We discuss some of the crappy movies we bought for $2-3 and what motivated our purchases. A big thanks to Toronto’s 2Q video (sadly, now defunct).

In this edition of the Really Awful Movies podcast, we discuss our love for the frequently unintelligible Vinnie Jones as well as WWE film productions. Cut Off features the one and only third-rate rapper Kurupt (who we discovered from Half Past Dead, an aptly-titled Seagal flick). A hot chick wearing bullet bandoliers was an impetus for the purchase, as well as the presence of Malcolm McDowell and Faye Dunaway. The plot is can’t miss: A spoiled heiress is cut off from her billionaire father and embarks on a crime spree (!). Jeff picked up Wise Girls based on the cover and the presence of Mira Sorvino and Mariah Carey (!). The women discover survival is more than “service with a smile.” There’s gotta be more to the diva than Glitter. Chris picked up Crackerjack 3 because it has b-movie icon Bo Svenson and Oliver Grunier in it. It looks like a painfully lousy espionage flick.

Then, it’s Panic Room meets The Strangers. An elevator pitch on the DVD? That’s a bad sign! Stash House features the one, the only, Dolph Lundgren.

Lastly, Johnny Was stars Vinnie Jones and weirdly, former Canadian heavyweight champ Lennox Lewis and Who singer Roger Daltrey!