Lucio Fulci’s City of the Living Dead.

Italian horror has some awesome music. This one is by Fabio Frizzi.

City of the Living Dead features otherworldly evil. We don’t like supernatural movies, but love the Italian sub-genre. In The Beyond, there was a portal to the Gates of Hell in a basement in Louisiana. Here, it’s in the town of Dunwich. Of course, this city is best known to fans of HP Lovecraft.

The town was built over the infamous Salem, haunted by witches put to death.

The movie starts with a scream and we’re in hyper Gothic territory with a priest who’s committed suicide. As this is happening, there’s a coven happening in New Yorker. “Mary” is taking part in a seance and has a seizure simultaneously. And there’s much, much more to it, including trademark Fulci delicious gore and an iconic death of everyone’s favorite Italian-horror whipping boy Giovanni Lombardo Radice. Check it out.