A special episode of the podcast, featuring Scott Drebit. He’s a writer with The Daily Dead and has a column, Drive In Dust-Offs.

He’s a fan of retro drive-in classics, specifically horror. He talked about his personal connection to drive-ins, which he started seeing from the age of 5. We also chat about the indelible impact of Phantasm on our young psyches.

Scott approached us with two movies to chat about, both very much in line with the kind of thing we do on the Really Awful Movies Podcast: two curiosities which both star the great Canadian export, William Shatner.

The first, The Devil’s Rain, is is a slow moving incoherent desert devil cult worship movie, inexplicably featuring Ernest Borgnine (!) The second, is Kingdom of the Spiders, a pretty taut yet goofy nature run amok movie featuring killer tarantulas.

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