Will cooler heads prevail? No. A “cooler” is a professional doorman whose job it is to manage other doormen. It’s the top rung in the bouncer profession and here that man is Dalton, played by the incomparable Dirty Dancer himself Patrick Swayze.

In Road House (1989), a bar owner goes on a talent search to find just the guy to clean up his violent saloon. Behind all the violence is a sleazy businessman who wants to ruin all the mom and pop establishments in this town, so he can bring in a mega-mall.

But only Dalton can stand in his way.

There are bar fights galore and for some reason, indie stalwart Ben Gazzara wanders in. Also, a cameo from WWE great Terrible Terry Funk. Road House also showcases a really greasy-looking Sam Elliott as a bouncer mentor (those exist?)

Featuring some of the most quotable lines in action movie history (“pain don’t hurt”) and other philosophical musings by Dalton, Road House is a big hunk of cheese that kicks butt.

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