We said this about Save Yourself: “If Save Yourself comes to your town, do yourself a favor and drop everything right away to go see it.”

The film, which stars Jessica Cameron, Tristan Risk, Ryan Barrett and Tianna Nori, is about budding filmmakers who become unlikely subjects in a nefarious experiment. Save Yourself recently screened in New York City and as part of the Blood in the Snow Festival here in Toronto.

Director Ryan M. Andrews is a guy who’s worth watching. Andrews attended Niagara College and Trebas Institute in Toronto for film production and came upon our radar with his movie Sick.

On this episode of the Really Awful Movies Podcast, he talked about independent film-making, the Canadian horror scene renaissance photography, movies that influenced him and casting. He’s a big fan of ensemble casting and eschews tried-and-true horror tropes.

With Save Yourself, he wanted to set out having viewers not know who’ll live or die. He’s always looking to defy expectations with his projects.

Save Yourself was a worthy entry in our list of the Top Horror Films of 2015.