What is a nudie cutie? We delve into that very topic with Something Weird Video’s release Kiss Me Quick. The nudie cutie is an odd sub-genre from the 1960s, featuring monsters and burlesque dancers and bad Vaudeville jokes. Producers, looking to cash in on more permissive attitudes, sought to stuff their films full of salacious images – go-go-dancing, pasties – with no consideration for plot development.
In Kiss Me Quick, the planet Buttless is a male-only planet. The leader of the planet sends his emissary to earth to find “the perfect female specimen.”

There’s a mad scientist named Dr Breedlove. He’s got a lab to create the perfect woman.

That gives you an idea of the kind of thing we’re dealing with!

The nudie cutie had a very fleeting run before its ilk was replaced by mainstream cinema’s acceptance of nudity. It’s fun, silly escapism. We put the sub genre in context in this edition of the Really Awful Movies Podcast.

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