We know some hospitals suffer from funding cutbacks, but the lack of staff here is ridiculous. And that’s BEFORE some masked doc is on the loose killing nurses.

Hospital Massacre, AKA, X-Ray, features Playboy’s Barbi Benton in a protracted topless scene and some neat kills too.

Because it’s an 80s horror, there’s also a ridiculous backstory from the killer’s childhood offered as explanation for the subsequent psychopathy. It’s quite unnecessary, but we have to admit, the kill scene is quite innovative and hilarious.

An indictment of Obama care? An examination of the medicalization of women’s bodies? Um, there’s more subtext in a re-run of Fresh Prince of Bel Air.

This one is bloody hilarious.

While typically slashers feature some of the worst police-work imaginable, Hospital Massacre showcases some truly unusual healthcare protocols.

Change into your gown and join us for a discussion of…HOSPITAL MASSACRE.

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