On this episode of the Really Awful Movies Podcast, John Carpenter’s exceptional Escape from New York.

We break down the 1981 dystopian action flick set in a crime-ridden future, where inexplicably, the US’ most pricey real estate has been turned into an island prison.

Why Manhattan and not say, ANYWHERE ELSE? As the Beach Boys sang, “god only knows…”

Featuring the incomparable action hero ex-con and ex-soldier Snake Plissken (Kurt Russell), who has 22 hours to find the POTUS (played by Donald Pleasance) who has been captured after the crash of Air Force One. Why is the president played by an Englishman? (see, the Beach Boys song).

We love Escape from New York and you will too.

Hop on board our chopper (all the borough bridges have been closed) as we chomp down on this Big Apple classic.

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