doctor_butcher_mdWelcome to the (unofficial) EPISODE 100. Here, we delve into a lunatic Italian pseudo cannibal film, Dr Butcher MD, aka Zombie Holocaust.

This is a blast from the past, one of co-host Chris’s most influential films.

When “pieces of corpses,” go missing from a local university teaching hospital, we find out that the culprit is some island cannibals who’ve somehow made their way to New York.

In order to get to the bottom of a budding mystery, two hospital colleagues investigate, leading them to a faraway South Pacific island. The duo comprises lab assistant Lori and Dr Chandler, played by the always excellent Ian McCulloch. On the island, they meet up with the mysterious figure Dr. Obrero, who fills them in on island goings on before they enter the jungle…AT THEIR PERIL!

Celebrate #100 with us and Dr. Butcher MD. The MD stands for medical deviate!