You rat soup eatin’ no good honky m*tha f*cka!

We enter blaxploitation territory with the infamous Rudy Ray Moore vehicle, the boom mic heavy cult classic Dolemite.

He plays the title character, imprisoned for drug running and trading in illegal furs (!). In exchange for his freedom, Dolemite cuts a deal with a corrupt warden to go back to the streets and clean house, as his antagonist Willie Green has been taking over while Dolemite’s been rotting in the can.

Dolemite is not just a gangster but an entrepreneur and stand-up comic who owns a nightclub devoted to none other than himself. How large is an audience for a Dolemite-themed club? Inexplicably large.

Dolemite is a charming, inept mess and showcases the terribly unfunny standup of Rudy Ray Moore (may RRM RIP).