This Brian Yuzna film is a weird beast indeed. Put out on Blu-ray by Arrow, Society is a very compelling and hugely original film that is incredibly difficult not to spoil.

We did our very very best in Episode 102.

We urge listeners to check out this film before listening. (Hey, it’s from the producer of Re-Animator. That’s enough indication that the quality is absolutely top-shelf.)

Wealthy teen Billy seems to have it all, as the Wikipedia entry puts it. But beneath this exterior, lurks something sinister in his upper middle class California home and suburban town. Blanchard, a school mate, has recorded something really really incriminating on tape: audio he plays to an incredulous Billy.

The contents of that tape, snippets of truly horrific chatter between his folks and his older sister, launch a mystery and reveal some really odd goings on in his town.

Tough to market on these shores, the movie did find a cult home in Europe. And that’s a good thing. Check out the expectations-confounding teen horror Society.