Ron Becks is…HUNTER.

He’s a “mystical cop” and this $200,000 (but looks much cheaper) California action flick is mystifying.

Directed by Gregory Hatanaka (Samurai Cop 2) we’re introduced to the very zen Tony Robbins platitude dispenser, Hunter. He happens to work for LAPD’s International Sex Crimes Unit.

Hunter is a bewildering figure, a self help guru and a formidable jazz man (cough) who shakes down drug dealers and swigs Makers Mark from the bottle.

He becomes embroiled in quite a caper, the murder of several of his fellow officers. All the while, he becomes a reluctant guardian to a teen runaway from the “backwoods of Tennessee” (yes, that’s the caption).

Bizarre, hilarious and inept, Hunter is must-see material. And you’ll be surprised to see George Lazenby in a supporting role (maybe as surprised as he was to be in this).

Here is the trailer and link to our review: