Serene, leisurely, dialogue-driven western with bursts of extreme horror violence, Bone Tomahawk is a very unique film indeed.

When three people are kidnapped from a frontier town, the law hauls in a native guide to see if he knows what’s happened. He claims it wasn’t the work of his tribe at all, but the handiwork of a group of “troglodytes” who live in the foothills.

Immediately, a search party, or uh…because this is a western…a POSSE is formed, led by the sheriff (Kurt Russell), along with his aged deputy (Richard Jenkins), a young hothead (Matthew Fox) and the husband of one of the missing (Patrick Wilson).

They have no idea what’s in store for them.

Bone Tomahawk is one of the top horror films from 2015, even if it’s not really a true horror. Listen for yourself.

Caveat: there may be some spoilers. We urge listeners to watch this one.

Bone Tomahawk