Oliver Reed and familial disintegration. Join us as we chat Burnt Offerings and The Brood, which both star ol’ Ollie.

We’re happy to have Scott Drebit, recurring guest, on the show. He’s of course the guy behind Drive In Dust Offs and It Came from the Tube, both columns at Daily Dead.

He’s one of a handful of writers worth reading every single week in the horror space, as his affection for horror, both new and old, is infectious.(There’s a reason we thank him so prominently in our book, DEATH BY UMBRELLA! The 100 Weirdest Horror Movie Weapons).

We think listeners will love both of these films, as they create little worlds unto themselves and are both, in their way, unforgettable.


In the case of Burnt Offerings, where a family takes over a sprawling house a la The Shining you can get a chance to see latter day Bette Davis, which is always a treat. She plays a playful aging aunt to young Davey. Oliver Reed plays a mild mannered (!) dad who’s driven batty by the house. Karen Black is as well, and she’s his loving, but increasingly distant spouse.


And of course, there’s The Brood, an early Cronenberg favorite exploring the weirdo mystical therapeutic techniques of one Dr Raglan (Oliver Reed) on his charges, including a woman under his spell played by Samantha Eggar. It’s splendidly restrained, horror fun.

Apart from the presence of noted souse Reed, ultimately the common thread here is familial breakdown.

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