The House That Dripped Blood is a horror anthology. The word “anthology” is derived from the Greek for “flowers,” (anthos) and “collection” (logia).

And everything’s coming up roses in this Amicus production which co-stars Denholm Elliot, Christopher Lee and Peter Cushing (each in different segments). It was co-written by Robert Bloch of Psycho fame.

In Method For Murder a writer moves into a house with his wife, and is haunted by visions of his literary creation, a strangler named Dominic.

In Waxworks a retired stockbroker (Peter Cushing) and his pal become fixated with a macabre waxwork museum that appears to contain a model of a lady they both knew.

In Sweets to the Sweet a nanny is disturbed by the cold treatment of a widower (Christopher Lee) towards his young daughter

and in The Cloak, a high-strung actor buys a black cloak and is overcome by its spirits during the production of a B-vampire movie.

The beauty of anthology film-making is that if one segment suffers, another is not far behind. And The House That Dripped Blood is a charmer, complete with Amicus/Hammer trappings, the sprawling creaky home, the giant candelabra, etc.

In this episode of the Really Awful Movies Podcast, we chat about perceptions of the home, the awesome artwork of The House That Dripped Blood, PG-13 horror, the greatest horror actors of all time, and much more.

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