What does the monomyth have to do with horror? You may have heard Dr. Jordan Peterson lecture about it, or maybe read something by Joseph Campbell. Anyway, it’s all about a hero’s journey.

The heroes in our list here, aren’t from antiquity though. They’re stars in horror movies.

We have a tendency to focus on the antagonists, and why not? Horror movie villains are numerous and varied. And there’s enough of ’em for everyone to have a favorite. You can’t help but admire the doggedness and determination of Jason Voorhees, or the steely efficiency of Michael Myers. And there’s even the kinda sympathetic Leatherface, the wiseacre Freddy Krueger, and the vaguely perverse Pinhead.

But what about the folks who battle them? That’s where our heroes come in.

Place your bets as to who’s on our list. We may surprise you with a few selections.

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