It’s giallo time on the Really Awful Movies Podcast! That’s right, that sub-genre of horror devoted to all things black-gloved, and lurking about in the bushes amidst gorgeous Italian vistas. This week, we are tackling Seven Blood-Stained Orchids by Umberto Lenzi (we waxed poetic about his hilarious Nightmare City on an earlier episode).

Many folks don’t know that U.L. was a giallo director before he became known for blood-filled gut-munchers like the above, and Cannibal Ferox/Man from the Deep River.

So, how does Lenzi acquit himself here? Fair well, we’d say!

The plot: someone is murdering women in Umbria, Italy. And what they have in common is that a killer is leaving behind a silver moon amulet.

Soon, the cops are on the hunt for the suspect, who is caught mid-attack on a train, leaving a survivor. She and her husband, a fashion designer, play amateur detective and try to find out who the culprit is.

Glorious stuff. There are beautiful set pieces, lovely settings, and as a bonus: Antonio Sabato!