Halloween Kills, the latest edition of the Really Awful Movies Podcast. Another installment, another wasted opportunity, and more evidence David Gordon Green can’t really direct horror, and only marginally improved on the 2018 flick. There are a few decent bits, which we’ll get into on this episode of the show, but largely – this one is unnecessary and sullies the legacy of the Carpenter original.

And that’s not a boomer spoilsport take.

We are in a Golden Age of horror now: Hereditary, Back Country, The Rental, Baskin, The Witch, Bone Tomahawk, Terrifier, Possession, Haunt, 13 Cameras…we could go on…any one of these is better, and apart from 2-3 of the entries, each received far less hype and attention than Halloween Kills but provide far greater entertainment value.

This series has lost the plot. Halloween 2018 was a dumpster fire. You can listen to Jeff and I’s discussion of that one first, although there are references to the film here too.

It needs someone at the helm with a better understanding of the horror genre.