nest-posterDon’t let the name fool you: this is not a Hitchcockian Birds retread.

It’s a reference to bugs.

This is basically Jaws with bugs: cockroaches to be specific.

It’s set on a New England island, with the added bonus of geographical goofs such as a car driving down the road and windows on either side showing ocean (guess it’s more of an isthmus for the geographically-inclined amongst you). Also of note: the palm trees, not exactly indigenous to this part of Massachusetts.

The mayor, desperate to build his tax base, lets a company set up shop on the island, a  biotech firm looking to create a super cockroach that’ll eat other cockroaches and then die, thus ridding us of this scourge.

But…THINGS GO HORRIBLY AWRY! And the local sheriff and the mayor’s daughter (along with a pest control agent) are enlisted to save the day.

Good buggy fun.

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