JCVD! Jean Claude Van Damme is another focus once again on the podcast, one of our favorites.

Here he is, portraying French Foreign Legion AWOL-er, Lyon.

The flick has one of our favorite action movie themes: the furtive underground world of unsanctioned fisticuffs!

Hardscrabble men gather under bridges, in dismal urban locales (and occasionally in squash courts!) to battle it out, pre-UFC. And all to earn an honest buck. If you define honest as under the table black market highly illegal and amoral activity.

It’s like Fight Club, but with a Don King-esque fixer chick in a little black dress!

Lionheart builds on Van Damme’s uber charisma, and truth be told, there’s not too much of a story arc to this. Still, there’s ass kicking aplenty. And that’s key, right?

On this episode, discussion on who the best actor is among the one-named action superstars your Arnolds, Chuck Norrises, etc, etc. Join us!

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