Their lives are literally hanging in the balance…from a chair lift. Frozen is a ski-themed horror that’s capably put together.

A bunch of friends try and get in one more run (maybe courtesy of one of those ominous Black Diamond-designated hills that puts the fear of god into the authors of this site) and a staffing screw up results in the lift being shut down and them stranded amidst the icy coldness.

On this episode of the podcast….Winter…is…here. And much of Canada is already blanketed by the stuff.

Horror films set in winter are numerous, and there’s a cottage industry of Santa-related horrors like Silent Night, Deadly Night and Santa’s Slay. Frozen is a survivalist / animal attack hybrid that fails when it comes to the latter and eminently succeeds as the former.

Anyway, stay warm, grab an extra blanket and enjoy the latest episode of the Really Awful Movies Podcast!